Greek Conversational Phrases


Teachers of ancient Greek who wish to incorporate some simple phrases into classroom discussion may find some suggestions here. See also Greek Grammar Terms.


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English-Greek Dictionary, S. C. Woodhouse

Compiled by Lynn Gallogly.

hello/goodbye - χαῖρε, χαίρετε

please - εἰ δοκεῖ

thank you - χαρὶς σοὶ / ὑμῖν

excuse me - συγγνῶθι μοι

yes - ναί

no - οὒ, ἥκιστα

no thank you - ἐπαινῶ

what is your name? - τί ἐστὶ τὸ ὄνομά σου;

how are you? - πῶς ἔχεις;

I am well, unwell - εὖ /καλῶς, κακῶς ἔχω

I (don’t) know - (οὐκ) οἶδα

good luck - τυχὴ ἀγαθή

What happened? - τί ἐγένετο;

health! - ὑγίεια

okay - εὖγε

How can I help? - τὶ δ’οὐ μελλῶ;

What are you looking for? - τί ζητεῖς;

I’m looking for... - ζητῶ ...

I have to/you have to - μοι δεῖ /σοι δεῖ

See to it! - σκόπει /σκοπεῖτε

Let’s read - ἀναγιγνώσκωμεν

I’m reading - ἀναγιγνώσκω

Read! - ἀναγιγνῶθι

Recite! - λέγον

book - ὁ βίβλος

What is it? - τί ἐστί;

who - τἰς;

where - ποῦ;

when - πότε;

why - τί;

how - πῶς;

go (away)! - ἰθι (ἐκποδῶν)

come! - ἄγε, φέρε

Doesn’t it seem to you? - ἦ οὔ σοι δοκεῖ;

Yes, it does - ἐμοὶ γε

oh, wow - τοτοτοῖ

How much does this cost? - πόσον τοῦτο δίδως;

It’s raining - ὕει

It’s sunny - ἐστὶν ἡ αἴθρη

hot, cold - θέρμος, ψυχρός

I’m hungry - πεινῶ

I’m thirsty - διψῶ

I’m tired - ἀποκάμνω

again - αὖθις

quickly - τάχα

slowly - βραδύς

truly - εὐθύς